May 2019

Airsoft injuries

Airsoft : what risks ?

Airsoft is extremely different than real combat and players are aware of that however, a lot of players, even experienced ones, tend to forget that airsoft is a sport that can be dangerous and cause severe damage to the human body, no matter how experienced you are.


There are different types of injuries you can get that come from very different factors.
The most common injury comes from being shot while playing and is a direct response to the projectile hitting you. The impact caused by the projectiles depends of different factors. You have to take in account the power of the replica shooting it as well as the distance between the two players. When being shot at minimum 20 meters, most of the projectiles can’t keep enough velocity to cause significant damage on the other player which is why most fields oblige players with powerful replicas to have minimal engagement distances.
The power of the replica is measured either in Feets per second (fps), Meters per second (mps). Generally, the maximum limit that is allowed on usual fields is up to 400 fps or 120 mps and that is often only allowed for long range snipers.

The skin will resist differently to the impact depending on the zone. The most vulnerable parts are the hands, the arms but most importantly the neck and the face and more particularly the eyes. Getting shot in the hands or arms is typical and can sometimes be very painful and even show some blood on the surface but it is wounds that are not consequent and will quickly heal. Whereas the skin on the neck is very soft and sometimes bb’s will get stuck inside just like a pimple and you need to extract them. This is why neck protection is essential and can easily be done with a bandana or any other fabric.
The head is the part requiring the most attention. To begin with every part of the head is very fragile such as the ears where many airsofters have been shot and have not come out unscathed. The mouth and the eyes are the parts requiring the most attention. The teeth can be shot whilst talking or breathing heavily and it is very common to see players get a broken tooth or a bloodied lip because they didn’t wear a protection around the head. And finally the most important place to protect and which no conventional field will ever let you play without protection is the eyes. Ocular globes are the weakest part of the human body and do not grow again if lost. They will receive severe damage to the eye no matter the distance or the speed that the projectile was ejected at. Severe and significant damage that will lead to non-recoverable injuries causing sight loss and sometimes even to losing they eye or becoming blind.


Airsoft is a sport but must not be taken lightly projectiles aren’t even the only source of injuries in this sport. When tired, playing airsoft becomes very dangerous as you have less control over your body and reactivity. Often, when a game lasts too long or if it’s too late in the day, you often see players falling on the side of their ankle therefore breaking in or hitting walls. This can lead to some severe concussions or even broken limbs and cuts.
On the same subject airsoft is often played in abandoned fields, unused factories and “scrap yards”, places that are seen as suitable for airsoft actually can be very dangerous if not prepared for it. In abandoned places you often see rusty iron bars or unprotected balconies/elevator shafts and even sharp objects in places where you wouldn’t expect them. This kind of hazards is responsible for a lot of accidents, some that lead to death, that have brought fields to close down.


Overall airsoft is not a sport that is dangerous if everything is being respected and if everyone wears the correct protections. If not, it will lead to tragic accidents that can turn someone’s everyday life for the worst. This is why WarQ is working every day to provide the safest protection you can get as to ensure you won’t get shot from the sides of your glasses or get injured in any other part of the face. If you see your friends playing without the proper face protections do not hesitate to stop them and make sure they wear proper equipment.

Stay safe and remember, You set the limit!!

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