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Con este tutorial, el montaje de un casco ya no tendrás ningún secreto para ti.  

Airsoft Protection Norms for Eyes   Airsoft products, as well as professional products must all comply to specific norms that allow stores as well as the consumer to verify the quality and conformity to the use of such products. Eye protections are what we will be bringing our attention today and more particularly the norms that concern them. Eye protection goes from glasses, mesh goggles, goggles and full helmets. Airsofters

A frequently asked question by airsoft players is: which rails is the most optimal? We’ve therefore looked into the different types of existing and common rails to be able to provide with some insight on the issue.   To begin with, born in the 1980’s, based on the design of the Weaver rail, the Picatinny rail first appeared on the american M16A2 and M4E1. The picatinny became very popular in


May 2019

Airsoft injuries

Airsoft : what risks ? Airsoft is extremely different than real combat and players are aware of that however, a lot of players, even experienced ones, tend to forget that airsoft is a sport that can be dangerous and cause severe damage to the human body, no matter how experienced you are.   There are different types of injuries you can get that come from very different factors. The most

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